Monday, 6 August 2007

Winner of the YesBut's Image - Caption of the Week Award

Another week of great captions, those that particularly caught the eye were:

On Saturday:
Doug 's caption - "Next the killer trees appeared at a hootenany. It was a day the park visitors would never forget."
Chewy 's - "‘The Birch is Back’ by Elton Lawn”

Doug 's caption - "Installing their big screen tv in the backyard turned out to be a big mistake for the Smith family."

David Mcmahon 's caption - "They'll do anything to dig up `rock' stars"

Tuesday was a bumper day with:
Siddharth Khandelwal 's caption - "At the moment this ought to get me a place in the English Cricket Team" (This caption was rather cruel but appropriate because England had just been thrashed by India).
David McMahon 's - "How to look cool while your balls are in the air"
Ozlady 's - "In his undercover disguise as a street juggler, Secret Agent Alfonzo was taking aim to knock the poisonous beer from the hands of the lady in the crowd to prevent a virus outbreak that would kill the world..."
Pope Terry 's - "Hehehehe.... five pints and I'll watch anything..."

Siddharth Khandelwal' caption - "ha ha... beat you!!"
Ozlady 's - "Hi Harry! How were your holidays? Looking forward to another year at Hogwarth's?"
David McMahon 's - "Three finalists in the Paddington Pair lookalike contest"

Pope Terry 's caption - "Oh man, 5 miles and a stupid outfit and that marching band are still following me."
david mcmahon 's - "All right, soldier - show us ya military tattoos."
Siddharth Khandelwal' s - "If the wrong species keep following me, I just might lose my Piped Piper status."

With fourteen captions on the short-list, as per last week, I thought I would be smart and choose a “stinker” of an image for Friday, that would be difficult to think-up captions for. Again, I underestimated the Captionists, what gems they came up with on Friday.

This week the choice of Captionist to receive the Caption of the Week Award was unanimous, with members of the YesBut team deciding, for the first time to award joint winners, click here to see the names of the winners and the winning captions.

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