Thursday, 2 August 2007

YesBut tails you win, heads I lose - Part 1

Two weeks ago I related a story that arose after reading a caption posted by Bart on YesBut’s Images blog. This week the source of inspiration was the caption posted on the 4th June 2007 by Catmoves: -

“I’m going bowling after I finish this food. The ball’s in the bag”. “It’s where she asked”?

When Esmeralda sent her husband Eugene to purchase some hair dye she was very specific on the colour she wanted “Silver grey”. On the way to the store Eugene walked by a shop selling Lottery Scratchcards. As soon as he saw the advert for the Pirates of the Caribbean card he just knew today was his lucky day. But unfortunately the only money he had was what Esmeralda had given him. He debated what to do: he could use the money to buy the card, pocket the winnings and still have money to buy the hair dye; but that was risky, far too risky if he lost and couldn’t buy the dye.

Muttering he went on is way, then as if it was meant to be, he saw on sale in a shop window, hair dye at half the price of the make Esmeralda normally used. He told himself he couldn’t ignore the favourable omens. He went into the shop; there he encountered his first problem, he hadn’t bothered to remember the colour his wife wanted, he knew he would recognise the box. But with a different manufacturer he had to remember the shade. He thought it was something to do with metal, “not gold or bronze, now what was it rust, yes bright rust”.

After purchasing the dye he hurried back to purchase a scratchcard. His hands were shaking with excitement as he tried to scratch the card with a coin. He thought his heart nearly stopped when he saw he had won £188. He nearly did a little dance. He knew precisely what he wanted to buy with the money. He would get a new lens for his camera, and if there was some money left he would buy some flowers for his wife.

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