Thursday, 4 January 2007

Broadband Activated

At 3.00 pm with still no sign of an email from Tesco to notify me the Broadband connection had been activated, I thought it was a case of:

Here I sit broken hearted

Paid my money

but the Broadband never started.

Then the email appeared in my inbox. Good news.
But I couldn’t open it. Bad news

Quick phone call to Tesco and was informed my Dial-up service had been automatically disconnected.

Fortunately it wasn’t a case of “the instructions for opening the tin is inside the tin“.

The email didn’t contain information necessary to activating the connection.

Glad to say it all went very smoothly.

Afterwards I did phone up the Technical Support Centre to get an explanation of an icon that had appeared by the clock.

“Hu sorry I don’t know”

So it was a good job I hadn’t had to seek his assistance to install the Broadband connection.

See that > > > > > > > > > fast or what!

But what a difference between Broadband and Dial-up. I had previously attempted to upload a very short video to You Tube, but it timed out after two hours. With Broadband it was completed in minutes.

The trouble is my wife’s prediction is going to come true. She said

“If you get Broadband, you’ll never come off that machine”.

I’ll have to apply some self discipline to prove her wrong. Starting now.

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