Wednesday, 3 January 2007

2007 Cancelled

On New Years Eve, there was a series of small explosions in Bangkok. The BBC reporting on events said “The Governor of Bangkok has cancelled the New Year“. Did that mean there would be no 2007? Would they have to invent additional months for 2006 to take them through to 2008?

Just another example of sloppy BBC reporting. In fact the Governor had cancelled the New Years Celebration.

Though if he had cancelled the New Year it wouldn’t have had an impact on Thailand, which will be celebrating New Year 2551 Buddhist Era on 13th April.

What date is New Year? Well you pay your money and you take your choice.

1st January in countries following the Gregorian calendar.

In the Eastern Orthodox Church, New Year will be celebrated on 14th January.

The Chinese New Year falls on the new moon of the first lunar month, which can occur between 21st January to 21st February.

The Bengali New Year will start 14th April.

The Coptic Orthodox church celebrates New Year on 11th September.

So if you fail to keep your New Year’s resolution, there are plenty of opportunities to make new ones.

As far as I know 4th January isn’t a New Year, but it is the day my Broadband connection is due to be activated. Keeping my fingers and everything else crossed. If there is no entry tomorrow you will know things have gone wrong.

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