Sunday, 18 February 2007

Teeth & St Valentines Day

Monday night just before going to bed, happily brushing my teeth, when a tooth came flying out of my mouth, just managed to grab it before it disappeared down the sink drain. It was the cap from my upper right 3rd tooth. So Tuesday morning I had to go to the dentist to get it stuck back in. The dentist took one look at it and said I needed a new cap. I haven’t had it two years, now I need a new one!!! So the dentist stuck the old one back, it should last a couple of months, while I get a new one.

There are a number of design faults with the human body and teeth heads the list. My six months old granddaughter has just cut her first tooth, so she’s not been in the best of moods for a week. Teeth, painful to get, painful to keep and painful to get rid of - and f#cking expensive.

Wednesday was St Valentines day. St Valentines, the patron saint of wasting money and conmen. You have to prove your love by paying £3 for a piece of cardboard with hearts printed on. Then there’s the cost of posting the card. Then you have to pay £2 for a red rose, which cost less than 50p any other time of the year. Then you have to take your true love out for a meal. On St Valentines day restaurants double their prices. This year I refused to buy into the racket, told my wife we would go out for a meal on another day. Am I a cheapskate or what? No I’m a grumpy old fart and proud of it.


Steph Lealman said...

well I'm 17 and I agree, Valentines Day is just one big money making scam now - I was out on Wed in Manchester with a couple of friends and everywhere we looked there were people flogging roses, cards and cheap glitzy 'I love you' keyrings that only people who were really desperate would buy. There were also doezens of men in suits heading for the packed metro looking nervous as they would now have to try and get home without the giant bouquet of flowers they were carrying:

A. get squashed by all the other people and bouquets.

B. dripping water onto his suit.

C. Causing the man to die from embarrisment from all the fancy pink bows and girly crap that decorated it.

BeautyIsRelative said...

unfortunate about your tooth, and it's true about valentine's day- insanely expensive. being together is what should mattter

cafe_bean said...

Rants - I love them! :D Keep it up! Have a read of my blog, you might like some of my posts! I will keep coming back to your blog if I want a laugh at some rants!


Granny said...

As for the TOOOTH you're right to object. The same thing happened to me Twice before I got smart. Take that cap of yours, clean and dry the cap and the stub, I Mean Really Dry It, fill the cavity FUll of crazy glue and stick it on! (Crazy glue was invented to adhere flesh together during surgery)If any gets on your gums, it'll wear off. Take care not to get any on your figers or lips though. I've been 7 years since the last episode.

As for Vallentines day, Somepeople actually have to be reminded to tell significant others they love and appreciate them. Too bad they think they have to go overboard. Why not make it more personal. Like actually doing something a loved one would appreciate and instead of a bouguet of roses, maybe 1 to 3 of their FAVOURITE'd be surprised how many women don't care for roses. ONE is so much better than a dozen.

Granny said...

PS..... YouDonkey is right! Begging doesn't become you.