Monday, 19 February 2007

Anyone for Tea?

Never been one for herbal teas - nettle, mint, rose hip - things you feed to rabbits not make tea out of. No, tea is what chimps drink at zoos - don’t expect they have chimp tea parties any more, too none PC.

My wife started drinking Liquorice tea - that took my thoughts back to schoolboy days, short trousers and scuffed knees - chewing liquorice root. But liquorice tea is not for me, even the smell is overpowering.

Then she bought Sweet Chai, blended by Yogi Tea. Thought I’d be adventurous and try a cup. Followed the instructions, let it infuse (nice word that -infuse) for seven minutes added milk and honey. And do you know what, it was really nice. Just a hint of anise, the spice of ginger and clove, and a hardly detectable trace of liquorice. Yes delicious.

Then she bought Choco, also blended by Yogi Tea. Perhaps tea isn’t the right name, when the ingredients are: Cocoa shells, cinnamon, liquorice, carob, barley malt, cardamom, ginger, cloves, cinnamon extract, vanilla extract, black pepper, ginger extract, vanilla beans. Now I confess I like a mug of chocolate before going to bed, so I thought, “go for it!” Am I getting adventurous or what? So now I have a new bedtime drink. Hint - if you try it you must let it infuse (there’s that word again) for the full seven minutes to get the full balanced flavour.

Then she bought Lemon & Ginger. I thought enough is enough; I’m not going to become one of those herbal tea freaks. Drink too much and next thing you know you have long hair, wear beads and sandals and spend the day chanting Om. But then I had a cold. All the fault of that pig of a man who coughed just as I was passing him. Why is it that people no longer cover their mouths when they sneeze or caugh? And as for spitting, where has that habit come from? As a kid I’d have a clip across the ear if I spat on the pavement, but now it appears to be acceptable behaviour. Stop, stop calm down - stick to tea - today isn’t a day for ranting. Where was I? Yes, caught a cold, had a sore throat, my wife nagging “try the Lemon & Ginger tea, it will do you good”. Anything for a quiet life, I made a cup. Just off to buy some sandals and beads - Om, om. It was invigorating and did ease my throat. Though it’s not a tea I would drink on a regular bases.

Ho and I forgot to say yesterday, Happy New Year - it’s the Chinese New Year. 2007 is the Year of the Pig (must be named after the man who coughed on my face) .


cafe_bean said...

I can't decide if you are trying to offend me and my blog - but I think you should learn how to spell blog . . .

Sherry said...

I read your comment and I thought it was just your humor coming out. :)

BTW I stayed here reading your bloggggg and had a cup of tea with you. hehehe