Tuesday, 27 February 2007

For the blog’s sake.

I’m later than usual writing the blog; I normally do it in the morning - wake up with an idea and send it into cyberspace while it’s nice and fresh.

But today I’ve been doing other things. To be honest I haven’t a clue what I've been doing - it was like walking blindfolded through a dark tunnel with the hope that there was a light at the end - and thank goodness there was, a light that is.

You see books on Computing for Dummies or Blogging for Dummies, well compared to me Dummies are geniuses. I switch on the computer and it makes a noise it shouldn’t or doesn’t make a noise it should and I panic - sweaty hands, racing pulse the lot. So to attempt the task of altering the appearance of the blog was, for me, equivalent to participating in an extreme sport activity. I also decided to try doing something to get my blog noticed by search engines.

Now while I’m three levels below “Dummy”, I’m not stupid, so I decided to seek help. Yesterday I left a message on the Blogger Help Group message-board “I’m so dumb I need a real idiot’s step by step guide”. Fortunately I had replies from Sherrykins and Panther.

Sherrykins she pointed me in the direction of her blog http://betabloggersresources.blogspot.com/ which directed me to a number of informative sites including one produced by Chuck http://bloggerstatusforreal.blogspot.com .

Panther listed a number of sites including:

With the help of the information provided, I think, I’ve added a Google sitemap to my blog and the blog URL to Google’s index. Reading that you might think I knew what I was doing - nope - but I followed the instructions. Whether I’ve been successful only Mr Google knows.

I also, and I know I was successful because I can see the result, edited the Template HTML code to allow me to post a photo in the title.

Am I a computer genius or what? Nope

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